Sudan Launches Investigations Into Darfur Crimes

Sudan Launches Investigations Into Darfur Crimes
Sudan Launches Investigations Into Darfur Crimes

Sudan launches investigation into Darfur crimes that were committed during the presidential reign of Omar-al-Bashir. Amounting to almost 300,000 killed and over 2 million being displaced. This started due to the fight between the pro-government forces and ethnic minority rebels due to the latter believing that the government was marginalising the region.
This led to murder, rape and theft from the janjaweed, who had allied with the pro-government forces during this period.
The president was overthrown earlier this year and the country is presently run by the military and the protest movement members
We have launched an investigation into the crimes committed in Darfur from 2003,” prosecutor Tagelsir al-Heber said on his arrival in Khartoum on Sunday after a trip to the United Arab Emirates.
Previously, the new government that had been formed after the ousting of the former president had denied the extradition of Bashir to the International Criminal Council for the Darfur killings, however, the protest movement which now has majority representation in the council has said it would not oppose the extradition.


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