23 Aug - 09 Sep 2019


We're here with you with the issue 16 of the African Observatory.

First of all, we commemorate the former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, who died on September 6, and express our condolences to all the people who lost their lives in armed attacks in South Africa.

We are very sorry for the armed attacks against the immigrants in South Africa that we have made headline this week and we hope that these events will end as soon as possible. We are aware that the high unemployment rates in the country have triggered these attacks to a great extent and as a result immigrants are victims. Solving the problem of unemployment all over the world will enable many issues to settle. For this reason, the development of trade relations, thus triggering production is the most basic solution of the unemployment problem. We hope that the commercial solutions between Africa and Turkey, in particular, continue to apply unabated for resolving such problems. As TAFAC, we are working hard to improve our commercial relations.

I also congratulate the August 30 Victory Day, which was the 97th anniversary of last week, with my best wishes. I would like to thank all our soldiers, commanders and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who saved this country by fighting with their hearts.

President of Tafac

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