Visit to the Ambassador to Burundi

Visit to The Ambassador to Burundi
Visit to The Ambassador to Burundi

TAFAC President Abdul Aziz Unal, who went to visit the Ambassador of Burundi, explained the details of the talks as follows;

” Today ( 14.11.2019 ) we went to visit the ambassador of Burundi together with Mr. Harun on behalf of TAFAC. It was a beautiful conversation.

The ambassador was overjoyed. With us here have been associated with turkey and said he wanted to build a bridge. He said that he will send all the projects related to Burundi with details.

He also said that they will try to share information about Burundi for our weekly “Africa Observatory” newsletter.

As I promised him, I told him that I would share company visits and network information in the bureaucracy.

For me, it was a positive and positive interview. It was our first ambassador meeting on behalf of TAFAC.

I hope we will continue to organize such meetings with other embassies and visit them as TAFAC.

Good evening. ”

Visit to The Ambassador to Burundi