2019 Africa Cup of Nations — What You Need to Know

2019 Africa Cup of Nations — What You Need to Know
2019 Africa Cup of Nations — What You Need to Know

Egypt will host the 32nd African Cup of Nations, but that wasn’t how it was intended to be. Cameroon were named as the host nation back in 2014. However, failure to provide adequate infrastructure at match venues, combined with the conflict between French- and English-speakers in the country, prompted Africa’s CAF football federation to withdraw Cameroon’s hosting rights in January. For the first time, the competition is being played in the northern hemisphere’s summer. In the past it took place in January and February, meaning that the star players at European clubs would miss an important phase of the domestic season.

This scheduling fits the big teams better, but the higher temperatures could prove an extra burden on players already fatigued by a long season.

And, as in so many international competitions of late, expansion’s the name of the game. For the first time, 24 teams rather than 16 will take part — following in the footsteps of Euro 2018 and the Women’s World Cup.


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