African Stars Set for Success Featuring Us Singer Beyoncé

African Stars Set for Success Featuring Us Singer Beyoncé
African Stars Set for Success Featuring Us Singer Beyoncé

Some of Africa’s biggest music stars look set for success on a global scale having been
handpicked by US singer Beyoncé to appear on her Lion King-inspired album.

The collaboration is a savvy attempt to blend “pure Afrobeats, mainstream pop and R&B sounds” for a non-African audience, said Nigerian broadcaster Adesope Olajide, popularly known as Shopsydoo.

“It’s a bigger platform for the pop and mainstream world to recognise African artists”, and also a “brand-new following for Beyoncé by collaborating with some of Africa’s pop culture icons”, he said.

“The smartest business people are those who reach out to collaborate first.”

International features are mutually beneficial for global stars and African artists, according to digital marketing director Kareem Mobolaji.

“Americans and others are paying more attention now. The likes of Wizkid have shown how their presence on songs can help increase sales and listening across Africa and indeed all over the world.”


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