China’s Africa Discourse Goes Global

China’s Africa Discourse Goes Global
China’s Africa Discourse Goes Global

Despite China-Africa ties evolving and going through periods of disengagement as well as engagement, the discourse has not changed much internally: It consistently articulates China and Africa as long-term friends united in an anti-hegemonic struggle against the domination of the ‘West’. In constructing the discourse, Chinese leaders have mobilised a series of historical and political narratives that have contributed to socialise African actors into China’s worldview. For instance, China and Africa are described as friends, brothers, and partners. They are said to be both affected by, and need to take advantage of, globalization and economic cooperation. They also share a commitment to multilateralism and equal participation in international organisations, especially the UN.


Center for Africa Studies (AFRAM) which located in Ankara, is an organization facilitating under the administration of African Affairs Council (AFAC). It makes various researches about Africa to enhance economic and cultural bounds between Africa and Turkey. AFRAM’s publishings has been shared with different institutions as they require to obtain.


Africa Observatory is one the publishing of AFRAM and it has been published each two weeks. It has been delivered to different institutions via e-mail.

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