Dwelling on Africa: Country Report “Somalia”

Somalia Flag
Somalia Flag

Somalia is one of the countries with the greatest economic potential not only in Africa but
also in the world with its rich animal population, arable land, underground resources, thousands of kilometers of coastline and high young population. The economy is largely based on agriculture and animal husbandry. However, the agricultural part of millions of hectares of agricultural land is below 5% today. On the other hand, Somalia, Africa’s longest border with the ocean, has the world’s highest quality fish in thousands of kilometers.

Relations between Turkey and Somalia has been processed through positive way. Also, with the initiative that Turkey has taken in the 2011 when a crucial crisis broke out in Somalia, relations between two states has reached its peak point. Looking at the course of the trade volume between the two countries in recent years, it will be seen that the countries in which both countries have increased the most in their foreign trade are each other.

As a matter of fact, in the early 2000s, the volume of trade, which was in the midst of the chaos environment in Somalia, increased to 6 million dollars in 2010, the trade volume increased tenfold to 59 million dollars in three years and increased to 144 million dollars in 2017. Almost all of the form is exported to Somalia from Turkey.

The clans in the country play an active role in the political structure of Somalia. In the 275-seat National Assembly, which is the lower wing of the Federal Parliament, which was re established as a biplane at the end of 2016, Hawiye, Darod, Dir and Rahanweyn (Digil Mirifle) had 61 seats and the other tribes had a total of 31 seats.


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