‘Emir Sultan Village’ was Established for Arakan Muslims

'Emir Sultan Village' was Established for Arakan Muslims
'Emir Sultan Village' was Established for Arakan Muslims

Human Rights and Freedoms (IHH) Humanitarian Relief Foundation Bursa Branch built 414 bamboo houses for the survival of Arakanese Muslims.

Myanmar took refuge in Bangladesh fleeing genocide and violence experienced by Arakanlar aid agencies and help continue the struggle in Turkey does not leave them alone.

Bursa IHH Branch launched the ak Emir Sultan Village 201 project in 2015 for Arakanese Muslims to continue their lives in Bangladesh at Bazar in Cox. 414 bamboo houses, two mosques, two deep-water wells, garbage collection facility, the village recently opened with the participation of IHH teams and philanthropists.

Arakanese Muslims are seen as voicing hope Turkey IHH Bursa Branch Vice President Matthew Asan, he said: “First, our Arakanese brothers have an identity problem. Before coming to Bangladesh, the Myanmar government first needs identity because they have canceled their citizenship rights.What Turkey can do about it, you also need to enforce the UN so.What we’re going to do is make these people’s voices heard all over the world.


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