Ethiopia Condemns Violence Against Its Nationals in South Africa

Ethiopia Condemns Violence Against Its Nationals in South Africa
Ethiopia Condemns Violence Against Its Nationals in South Africa

The Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Wednesday condemned violence against its nationals in South Africa.

“We condemn the heinous act of violence and looting of properties perpetrated against
foreigners including our citizens in South Africa,” MoFA said in a press statement.

“We are encouraged by the statement of President of the Republic of South Africa, Cyril
Ramaphosa, denouncing these acts of violence,” read the statement.

MoFA called on the South African authorities to continue their commendable activity to contain violence and ensure Ethiopian citizens’ security and safety.

The statement further said the Ethiopian embassy in Pretoria is closely working with authorities and members of the community to address the issue.

Xenophobic attacks have broken out in South Africa following a planned strike by truck drivers in that country protesting the presence of foreign nationals in the trucking business.

Recent years saw Xenophobia-related attacks in South Africa. In 2015, widespread violence
against foreigners broke out in parts of the country, leaving several foreigners killed. Ever since, sporadic incidents of xenophobia-related attacks have been reported. Enditem


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