Investment Opportunities in Africa – Issue 2

Investment Opportunities in Africa - Issue 2
Investment Opportunities in Africa - Issue 2

Investment and Export Summit in Africa

The Investment and Export Summit in Africa was held in Istanbul with the attendance of diplomatic representatives of African countries, as well as many local and foreign businessmen. Turkish American Businessmen Association (TABA-AmCham) Chairman Ali Osman Akat say that “Today we have representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce like us in many countries of Africa.We are in contact with these associations.

As such associations should be representing Turkey in Africa. Apple-like start-ups from the United States, opens to the world. Turkish companies like this have to be in all countries of the world. We want to invest there and grow. This growth increases the country’s brand value, exports and vision of the country. Today we are ready for it.In Turkey we are strong in manufacturing, we have an international vision.

We export to all around the world but our exports are not enough.We must develop trade by turning challenges into opportunities.” Following the opening speeches, representatives from the countries of Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Sudan and Uganda presented their investment and export opportunities in their countries.


$ 179 Billion Trade with Africa in 10 Years

Turkey, during the period 2009-2018 has made 179 billion in trade with the African continent. 117.5 billion dollars of trade with the continent was realized with North African countries. After the announcement of 2005 as an African year, both political and commercial relations with the continent gained momentum. The increase in the number of Turkish Airlines’ direct flights and embassies in Africa also contributed to the development of trade between the two countries.

When Turkey Statistical Institute data were taken into consideration in the 2009-2018 period, Turkey has made 179 billion trade with the African continent. Of this figure, $ 117.5 billion (66 percent) came from North African countries and the rest from trade with other African countries. Turkey’s response to the 121 billion dollars of exports in this period, the countries of the continent has made 58 billion dollars of imports.



Center for Africa Studies (AFRAM) which located in Ankara, is an organization facilitating under the administration of African Affairs Council (AFAC). It makes various researches about Africa to enhance economic and cultural bounds between Africa and Turkey. AFRAM’s publishings has been shared with different institutions as they require to obtain.


Africa Observatory is one the publishing of AFRAM and it has been published each two weeks. It has been delivered to different institutions via e-mail.

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