More than 90000 Ethiopians Left Exile

More than 90000 Ethiopians Left Exile
More than 90000 Ethiopians Left Exile

Ethiopian president Zewde Sahle said in October that more than 90,000 citizens have returned to the country because of his government’s citizen-centric diplomacy. Since taking office in April last year, the country’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, has released political prisoners, organized opposition parties and carried out radical economic and diplomatic reforms. These reforms were cited by opposition leaders and other Ethiopians returning from exile as the reason for their return home. The government granted amnesty to individuals and groups under investigation or betrayal, who were condemned to crimes against the constitutional order and armed struggle.

Among the leading Ethiopians returning home are members of the Oromo Liberation Front, activists Jawar Mohammed and Mohammed Ademo, and current electoral commission president Birtukan Mideksa. Sahle-Work reiterated the government’s commitment to making a free, fair and reliable choice next year. He added that the country would launch a satellite into space in December this year.


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