Morocco Abortion Trial Postponed Amid Protests

Morocco Abortion Trial Postponed Amid Protests
Morocco Abortion Trial Postponed Amid Protests

The trial of a Moroccan journalist accused of having sex outside marriage and a late-term, voluntary abortion has been postponed after hundreds of people protested outside a court in the capital, Rabat.

Both are crimes in Morocco, but prosecutions for abortions are comparatively rare.

The case brought against Hajar Raissouni, who denies the charges and works for a paper critical of the government, has sparked intense debate about press freedom and civil liberties in the predominately Muslim North African nation.

Journalists and human rights activists believe the case has political overtones, though the prosecution denies this is the case.

According to Amnesty International, Ms Raissouni was arrested on 31 August along with her fiancé as they left a clinic in Rabat.

A doctor and two others working at the clinic were also arrested on suspicion of carrying out an abortion.


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