‘Mugabe Fearlessly Defended Africa’ – Zambia’s Leader

'Mugabe Fearlessly Defended Africa' - Zambia's Leader
'Mugabe Fearlessly Defended Africa' - Zambia's Leader

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu says Mr Mugabe will be remembered for “fearlessly defending the continent”.

In a tweet, he paid tribute to “a pan-Africanist and Zimbabwe’s founding father”, saying his place in the annals of Africa’s history was assured:

‘He was the founding father of Zimbabwe’

Energy Mutodi, deputy information minister with the governing Zanu-PF, told the BBC’s Today programme: “This is a sorrowful moment for Zimbabwe and for Africa and the whole world.

“We are very much saddened by the passing on of our former president.

“He was an icon, he was the founding father of Zimbabwe.”

Responding to criticism that Mr Mugabe presided over the nation’s economic decline, Mr Mutodi said: “There is a lot that he did that benefited the people of Zimbabwe… and Africa.


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