Peace Spring Operation

Peace Spring Operation
Peace Spring Operation

Turkey, Syria to the north of the region, to become a safe area cleaned by terrorist groups, has launched the Peace Operation Spring on October 9. It aimed to clear the Syrian border from threats and build an area of 3 million Syrians in this safe zone.

The operation took place in the region known as the east of the Euphrates River and the north of Syria.

For this operation in this region where the YPG known as an extension of the PKK terrorist by Turkey is located, different perceptions have occurred.

Although Turkey’s sole purpose is to purify from terrorist groups its borders, this action was perceived by most countries as an operation that jeopardized the safety of civilian people.

The operation, which changed the mind of President Trump every day, continued with targeting only terrorist groups. The most important supporter of the Turkish Armed Forces was the people.

Turkey Republic President Recep Tayyip Erdogan highlighted in the statements that don’t have ideas like disrupting Syria’s territorial integrity.

Since the start of the Syria civil war, Turkey this day serves as home to many Syrian refugees.

The YPG and PYD forces have been known as a branch of the PKK terrorist organization, which has killed many civilians and children since 1978.


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