Russia-Africa Summit

Russia-Africa Summit
Russia-Africa Summit

In recent years, relations between Russia and Africa have gained momentum. Investments and trade are growing dynamically and joint projects in industry, agriculture, healthcare, and education continue.

Putin is ready to present the scientific and technological developments of Russian companies to its African partners and to improve their energy, transport and communication infrastructure.

The summit to improve these relations is thought to contribute greatly to the development of relations between Russia and Africa.

According to the Kremlin’s adviser Yuri Ushakov, all 54 African states sent one or several representatives to the summit. Some heads of government personally attended the summit.

Russia offered nuclear power plants, fighter jets, and missile defense systems to African countries in Russia-Africa summit 2019. It aims to win back influence on the continent.

Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“Let’s drink to the success of our joint efforts to develop full-scale mutually beneficial co-operation, wellbeing, peaceful future and prosperity of our countries and people,”

As a symbolic gesture, Russia flew two Tupolev Tu-160 nuclear bombers to South Africa at the summit opened.

Key Topics to be Discussed at the Summit:

  • The Role of Media in Russian-African Relations
  • Contribution of Nuclear Technologies to the Development of Africa
  • Current Targets in Developing Housing Construction Market in Africa
  • Russia and Africa: Energy for Development and Cooperation
  • Transport Infrastructure in Africa: Possibilities for Implementing Joint Projects
  • Russian-African Cooperation in Diamond Industry
  • Biosecurity: Existing Projects and Cooperation Opportunities
  • Digital Transformation as the Driving Force of State Development
  • Growth Drives in National Health Systems
  • Digitization in Mining Industry: New Opportunities, Robots, Artificial Intelligence
  • Sustainable Partnership in Agriculture: Institutions, Tools and Warranties


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