Rwanda Elects Senate Members

Rwanda Elects Senate Members
Rwanda Elects Senate Members

Rwandans elected Monday new members of the Senate to five-year terms to start in October.

Rozaliya Mukamazera, vice president of the National Electoral Commission (NEC) said the polls were generally peaceful, smooth, free and fair.

She said it was a smooth election with no irregularities reported and elections results were received electronically by the commission soon after tallying.

The Senate comprises of 26 members who serve for a five-year term that is renewable once.

These include 12 members who represent the country’s four provinces and the capital, Kigali, who are voted through electoral colleges.

The electorate is made up of members of district and sector councils.

Other Senate members include eight appointed by the Rwandan president, four elected by the Consultative Forum of Political Organizations, one representing public universities and higher learning institutions and another is elected to represent private universities.


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