SA Stock Exchange Targeted by Anti-Rape Protesters

SA Stock Exchange Targeted by Anti-Rape Protesters
SA Stock Exchange Targeted by Anti-Rape Protesters

The hashtag #SandtonShutdown is trending in South Africa as protesters march on Johannesburg’s business district to demand that corporate firms do more to fight violence against women.

There has been growing outrage in South Africa following a number of high-profile rapes and femicides. Crime figures released on Thursday showed that sexual offences, including rape, had risen by 4.6% this year. The demonstrators have gathered outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in Sandton as they say corporate businesses in South Africa have long exploited women and black people and need to do more to address the problems.

“It is no coincidence that black women bear the brunt of extreme poverty in South Africa,” a statement from the activists says. Some have been tweeting photos and videos from the march.


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