The Woman Who Befriended a Warlord

The Woman Who Befriended a Warlord
The Woman Who Befriended a Warlord

When Betty Bigombe was growing up in northern Uganda in the late 1950s, she walked four miles a day to go to school. She knew getting an education was the only way she could change her life and make a contribution to her community.

Thirty years later her “contribution” would be to carry the fate of her region on her shoulders as she attempted to negotiate peace with Joseph Kony, the notorious leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Kony and the remnants of the Lord’s Resistance Army have maintained a low profile since then. He now is reportedly in ill health and his forces have shrunk to less than 100.

Today Bigombe is the Senior Director for Fragility, Conflict and Violence at the World Bank. She travels the world training mediators and shares the lessons she learned in the jungle. Kony had a huge impact on her life and she on his.


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