To Stop the Rot in South Africa, Back Cyril Ramaphosa

To Stop the Rot in South Africa, Back Cyril Ramaphosa
To Stop the Rot in South Africa, Back Cyril Ramaphosa

Since the days of Nelson Mandela, one of the most effective slogans of the African National Congress (anc), South Africa’s ruling party, has been “a better life for all”. The contrast with the old apartheid regime, which promised a good life only for whites, has never needed spelling out. As the party that helped liberate black South Africans from votelessness and segregation, the anc has ruled uninterrupted since apartheid ended in 1994, always winning national elections by wide margins. The trouble is, when one party has nearly all the power, the kind of people who seek power in order to abuse it and grow rich flock to join that party. Corruption, always a problem, became so widespread under Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s atrocious president from 2009 to 2018, that a more accurate anc slogan during his rule would have been “a better life for the president and his cronies”.


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