Two Sisters Become Soldiers for Different Countries

Two Sisters Become Soldiers for Different Countries
Two Sisters Become Soldiers for Different Countries

A woman from Sierra Leone has graduated to become a soldier for her country while her older sister is already a soldier for the British army.

Younger sister Lt Matilda Matu Moiwo was watched by her older sister Corporal Lucy Moiwo at her graduation ceremony.

Corporal Lucy Moiwo became a soldier for the British army after she visited the careers centre in the UK on a whim and found out that people from Commonwealth countries can join the army.

Her younger sister Lt Matilda Moiwo was a geologist but when deadly landslides struck in 2017 she asked her older sister what she could do to help and she suggested joining the army.

But on her the first day of training to shoot a gun, Lt Matilda was so scared that she closed her eyes while pulling the trigger.

That was because the family had fled Sierra Leone during the 1990s civil war when they found out their father was on the rebels’ hit list.

“I was thinking: ‘This is something that would have wiped my family out’.”


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