Agriculture Training

Agriculture Training
Agriculture Training

Agriculture Training for Sustainable Consumption in Africa

More than half of the African population consists of small farmers. Also, Africa has land suitable for producing many valuable agricultural products. Many agricultural products such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, potatoes, and soy can be produced in Africa with high yields.

However, due to the lack of experience, knowledge, and technology in small farmers, African agriculture has not yet developed sufficiently.

As TAFAC, we will revive the agricultural sector in Africa and start a movement to meet the world’s agricultural product needs from these lands.

Also, our experts will provide training to small farmers in Africa on many issues such as agricultural machinery, production techniques, productivity studies.

We expect your participation in this project which will be realized with the support of governmental organizations of countries and companies in the agricultural sector.

Project Goal

To raise awareness about sustainable organic agriculture.

To inform about production methods suitable for soil and climate conditions.

To teach the subtleties of the use of biological inputs such as seeds.

To teach the usage areas of agricultural machinery and cost calculation.

To inform about the incentives of state and international funds.