Supports of Sustainable Fish Production with Aquaculture Method

As TAFAC, we are developing a project to increase fish consumption for health, reduce hunting for the sustainable world and promote fish production for economic power.

Fish play a vital role in people’s need for protein. Africa currently consumes 2.5 kg of fish per person per year, but the increase in fish consumption is very important for healthy nutrition. Also, high population and fish demand have created the danger of fish extinction in the marine. Due to limited hunting, Africa imports a high proportion of fish from abroad.

Fish production with aquaculture is a sustainable system that ensures the production of fish without damaging the marine habitat. This system provides fish to be raised with a water recirculation system in an environment similar to its natural environment and is very popular today.

The Goal of the Project

To ensure seafood is sustainable and develop food resources for African countries.

Provide access to the continent fish.

Reduce fish imports.

Promote a sustainable consumption system.

Project Scope

Providing support to investors who want to produce fish.

To teach aquaculture fish farming.

To ensure investors find the right advisor for a profitable investment.

To support the company in preparing documents required for government incentives.