Ethiopia Says GERD Progress Is Significant

Ethiopia Says GERD Progress Is Significant
Ethiopia Says GERD Progress Is Significant

Ethiopia says GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) progress is significant as negotiations continue with Sudan and Egypt on filling the dam’s reservoir.
Officials visited the $4 billion site earlier and were told that almost 70% of the project was completed. The 2 turbines to be installed are said to produce 375 MW/turbine so a total of 750 MW of electricity and should be ready by the beginning of 2021. The complete project looks to make Ethiopia the largest power provider in Africa with the generation of over 6,000 MW of power with 16 such turbines being installed.
Sudan Irrigation Minister said on Sunday that the three countries have come closer to aligning their views on how to fill the dam’s reservoir.
Egypt is concerned that the dam being built will reduce the water of the Nile River which is scarce to begin with and one that the Egyptians highly depend on.


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