Investment Opportunities in Africa – Issue 1

Investment Opportunities in Africa - Issue 1
Investment Opportunities in Africa - Issue 1

Tender Bid of Alteration in Namibia

A tender for the renovation of a high school in the Oshana region of Namibia and the announcements of the tender for the port and terrain cranes in the construction of the port of Lüderitz are reported.

Fast Company Reveals List of Most Innovative African Companies

American trade magazine Fast Company announced the 10 most innovative companies in Africa for 2019.


Growing Meet Industry of Africa

The rapid increase in meat consumption in Africa provides opportunities for investors. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the consumption of beef in the continent is estimated to increase by 200% between 2015 and 2050, while poultry consumption is estimated to increase by 211% and pork meat by 200%. Due to investments, Africa is more attractive than other regions. Despite the great potential of the market in question, it is said that the demand has increased rapidly and caused a number of challenges for the relatively young and underdeveloped industries of Africa.



Center for Africa Studies (AFRAM) which located in Ankara, is an organization facilitating under the administration of African Affairs Council (AFAC). It makes various researches about Africa to enhance economic and cultural bounds between Africa and Turkey. AFRAM’s publishings has been shared with different institutions as they require to obtain.


Africa Observatory is one the publishing of AFRAM and it has been published each two weeks. It has been delivered to different institutions via e-mail.

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