Kenyatta Meets Chinese President Over $3.6 bn Loan

Kenyatta Meets Chinese President Over $3.6 bn Loan
Kenyatta Meets Chinese President Over $3.6 bn Loan

Chinese President Xi Jinping met his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta again on Thursday. President Kenyatta is in Beijing to attend the Second Forum for Belt and Road Initiative, a high-level global meeting on China’s infrastructure projects. This is the third meeting between the two leaders in less than a year, highlighting high-level relations between China and Kenya. The Kenyan President’s new visit is to obtain a loan of more than $3.6 billion to finance transport infrastructure, according to local media reports.

The loan will finance a railway between the cities of Naivasha and Kisumu, then to Uganda to boost trade in the sub-region. Xi Jinping, for his part, again expressed his country’s willingness to maintain this cooperation in various fields between the two countries and between China and Africa. The two presidents witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents after the meeting.


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