Ivory Coast Issues Warrant For Presidential Candidate

Ivory Coast Issues Warrant For Presidential Candidate
Ivory Coast Issues Warrant For Presidential Candidate

Ivory Coast issues a warrant to arrest Presidential candidate Guillaume Soro based on an attempt to destabilize the country and embezzlement of public funds amounting to 2.2 million euros (1.5 billion CFA franc).
He was once a rebel leader and was a big part of current President Ouattara taking the presidency during the civil war. He had been out of the country over the past 6 months and was scheduled to arrive Monday, however, his private flight was diverted and landed in Ghana after citing “security reasons”. The police force had been employed on the route from the airport to his house to prevent supporters from rallying him on. Tear gas was fired on some 100 supporters who had gathered outside Soro’s headquarters, a Reuters witness said. Soro’s adviser, Alain Lobognon as well another ally of Soro’s were detained and taken to an unknown location by the police said Lobognon’s wife.


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