Turkey in Africa – Issue 1


Energy in Africa: What Should Be Turkey’s Roadmap?

Turkey, which will make investments for the rich energy resources of the African continent in terms of potential opportunities first and foremost should also be carried out after identifying risks and threats. In this context it should be the two key objectives of the cooperation in the energy field will do with Turkey’s continental countries. Firstly, Turkey is an important project for the energy sector, combining their knowledge and experience in the construction industry, where he oversaw investments in energy infrastructure should perform sub-Saharan Africa.

Secondly, in the context of reducing the dependence on energy in foreign countries and ensuring energy security, it should be engaged in resource search and operation activities in resource-rich countries. Therefore, the energy potential of each country should be analyzed in this first phase. In this way, it will be determined which country is suitable for Turkish investments. Turkey should support investments with the appropriate financing model to continue in a healthy manner the investments made in line with these targets.

The construction of Turkey’s sub-Saharan Africa, one with experience in the region invest in not eliminating the risk of investments in the private company to public execution of an important On the other hand, it is also important to insure the companies that will be engaged in investment activities in order to minimize the risk to the investment activity in the region.

Energy investment in providing the necessary financing for operations of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry of the Republic of Turkey for investment in energy Wealth Funds may be established a structure. Historical and cultural ties with African countries that have exploitation and pillage of carrying out a scheme to humanitarian policies of Turkey, in contrast, would be a win-win strategy appears in the continent within the framework of the actors found during energy investments.


Turkey: Towards Africa and Beyond

Trade, defense, cooperation… In recent years, the Turkish presence on the African continent has developed strongly. Ankara builds a “soft power” presented as more fair than that of Western countries and less rigorous than that of Saudi Arabia.

Some of his companies have won major contracts, such as the management of Dakar International Airport. The Turkish government is mobilizing to invest in agriculture, the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises and certain services, such as health and safety. Proof that this investment is not only opportunistic, Ankara regularly organizes Turkey-Africa summits, on the model of those organized by France or China.


Petrochemical Plant Will Be Established in Ceyhan with Turkish Algerian Partnership

The partnership between Rönesans Holding and the Algerian national energy company Sonatrach will build a polypropylene production facility in the Ceyhan Mega Petrochemical Industry Zone with an investment of $ 1.2 billion.



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