Turkey in Africa – Issue 17


TURKEY-AFRICA: Turkey and Uganda to Sign New Cooperation Agreements

Turkey and Uganda are expected to sign six new cooperation agreements before the end of the year, according to Turkey’s ambassador to Uganda.

“Some of the agreements we expect to sign include, cooperation in military training, judiciary, higher education, economic cooperation and the establishment of the Yunus Emre Institute,” Kerem Alp told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.

Alp said once the agreements were signed, Turkey would begin training Ugandan police officers and soldiers.

Turkey will also cooperate with Uganda in the judicial sector after signing a mutual legal assistance agreement in which the two countries will cooperate in law enforcement and repatriate wanted criminals from each country.

“These agreements will strengthen the legal framework between the two nations,” said the diplomat.

He said cooperation in the higher education sector will see Turkey offering doctoral and post doctoral scholarships for Ugandan students who want to study in Turkey.

Turkey currently offers scholarships to Ugandan undergraduates to study in Turkish universities.

According to Alp, more than 300 Ugandans have graduated from Turkish universities since the undergraduate scholarships program was introduced.

Meanwhile, 50 other Ugandans are currently in the process of receiving scholarships, he said.

The diplomat revealed that some of the graduates from Turkish universities have been employed by Turkish companies and organizations operating in Uganda, while others found jobs in their home country.

Turkey’s state-run aid agency, TIKA, has also been providing vocational training for hundreds of Ugandans to help them start their own businesses to lower unemployment in the landlocked East African nation.

The ambassador said several Ugandans have been trained as plumbers, electricians and fashion designers among others.

“Our most recent training was in 3D printing and modeling for staffers of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU),” he said.

The university is expected to incorporate 3D printing into its teaching program in the IT and computer science departments.

Alp further said he was happy Uganda and Turkey were making good progress on cooperation on all fronts.

“This is the 50th anniversary of our diplomatic relations,’’ he said in a cheerful mood.


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