Turkey in Africa – Issue 19


Rwandan Answer from Turkey President

President Erdoğan criticized Western countries through Operation Peace Spring: “Those who imposed an arms embargo on us drowned the bloody murderers in arms and ammunition in those days.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan addressed the participants at the opening of the 3rd Summit of Muslim Religious Leaders of African Countries on “Africa: Solidarity, Helplessness in Goodness” organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs.


West African Wind Will Come to Istanbul

Business Art’s 20th concert season starts on Thursday, November 14 with the opening concert. Seven months last season during the Business Towers Scene, and Turkey will host many artists from various countries.

One of the key guests is the British musician Sona Jobarteh of Gambia. Sona Jobarteh is the first female artist to play the Kora, a doctrine that passed from father to son for seven centuries according to West African traditions. Jobarteh, one of the students of the famous choir virtuoso Toumani Diabate in his country, performs peaceful songs. He is especially known for his acoustic West African music and Manding songs.



Center for Africa Studies (AFRAM) which located in Ankara, is an organization facilitating under the administration of African Affairs Council (AFAC). It makes various researches about Africa to enhance economic and cultural bounds between Africa and Turkey. AFRAM’s publishings has been shared with different institutions as they require to obtain.


Africa Observatory is one the publishing of AFRAM and it has been published each two weeks. It has been delivered to different institutions via e-mail.

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